How Raina, Five Months, Showed Me The Power Of The Mind Body Connection

While a client went through her pregnancy with emotional turmoil, her unborn baby showed physical symptoms. Yoga therapy helped my client resolve her emotions. Shortly after, her baby’s symptoms dissolved. Coincidence?

This time last year, I starting seeing Ronika, a client, during yoga therapy private sessions to support her during her pregnancy that was emotionally challenging.

Four months into the pregnancy, doctors told my client that her baby had five or six cysts on her kidneys.

From that point on, Ronika was considered “at risk”, and went to visit her doctor every week. There was nothing else the doctor could do except wait until Ronika’s baby was at least three months old. The doctor would then check the baby’s kidneys. What would doctors do if the cysts remained? There was no answer to that question at that moment.

When I first heard about the unborn baby’s cysts, I connected the dots between Ronika’s emotions—fear, anger, sadness—and her unborn child’s physical symptoms.

I called a mentor and close friend of mine in Paris to have his point of view. Rodrigue Vilmen is a reflexologist with an exceptional intuition. He immediately saw the cysts as the unborn baby’s reaction to her mother’s fear, and said, “If your client finds peace and is able to welcome her baby with love and serenity at birth, then everything will come back to normal”.

During her private yoga therapy sessions, Ronika became in touch with suppressed emotions and released them. The process helped my client be emotionally and physically prepared to welcome and nurture Raina after she was born.

A month ago, the doctor was finally able to check Raina’s kidneys with ultra-sound for the first time since she came to the world. Raina was five months.

After three unnerving days of waiting, the doctor called my client with the results, “We can’t find any cyst on your baby’s kidneys. They all dissolved”.

“I think you need to write about this story on your blog,” suggested Ronika who calls me her “fairy godmother”.

The mind-body connection is a fact. I’ve known it for a long time. Raina is another living proof of that truth.