Live, Virtual Yoga Therapy Matinée, Sat 8/29/20


Sat, Aug. 29, 2020, 10 am-12 pm (ET)

We need to deal with a lot of uncertainty, right now. Life is creating waves in so many ways… Self-care has become a must and one of the best ways you can take care of yourself is to let got of the mind and “return” to your body.

Come and join me in this live, virtual mini-retreat where I invite you to take a pause in your daily life, and enter a practice that will help you relax deeply and “listen” to what the body says.

In this practice, breath is the key.

You will make sure to breathe deeply especially in tight areas in your body. Breathing deeply in those tensions may bring you back to a past event or a situation in your life that has negatively impacted you. It may even be a situation that has come back over and over again. The yogic breath helps in several ways. It awakens feelings that have been suppressed and have found their way in the body in the form of tension. Becoming aware is the first step to change… The yogic breath also brings space and frees the blocked energy so that it is re-orientated in the body’s global energy.

This deep, gentle yoga practice is for absolutely everybody—whether you are young, in your 90’s or in a wheelchair.

Because putting feelings into words is another part of any healing journey, you will come into a healing circle, after the yoga practice, where you will be invited to share the insights you have come across during yoga.

The combination of the yoga practice with the authentic sharing of who you are and the brotherhood experienced in the group, makes this matinée a unique, deep self-care experience.

So, will you join me in this holistic wellness journey?

Facebook event page.

Limited to 8 participants.
Pre-registration is a must.

Workshop via Zoom. To participate, you need:
– to be in a quiet space
– to be dressed in comfortable clothes especially at the waist
– preferably, to avoid eating at least 2 hours before the session
– a mat
– a chair (if sitting on the floor is unavailable for you)
– a good quality internet connection
– a microphone
– a webcam (highly recommended).

$28/class (online or by check to Elisabeth Perucca)
Once you make the payment, please look for a follow email with a link to our virtual class.

Photos: © Fernando Decillis

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