Live, Virtual Weekly Yoga Therapy Class


Every Tuesday, 7:00 pm-8:15 pm

Covid-19 touches each of us. It also touches us on all levels, whether physical, psychological or spiritual. These times are challenging. Self-care is no longer an option. It’s a must. This virtual yoga therapy class is meant to help you deepen your self-care journey.

The class has two parts: a gentle yoga practice and a healing circle.

The gentle yoga practice is for absolutely everybody—whether you are young, in your 90’s or in a wheelchair. It is meant to help you relax deeply, cope with fear–at the personal and at the collective level–connect with your body and the wisdom of its messages,

The healing circle is a time for you to share what is on your heart. In a safe space, it encourages you to become aware of what you are feeling and sensing.

The combination of the gentle yoga practice with the authentic sharing of who you are as well as the deep listening and the brotherhood experienced makes this class a deep self-care experience.

Classes are via Zoom. To participate, you need:
– to be in a quiet space
– to be dressed in comfortable clothes especially at the waist
– preferably, to avoid eating at least 2 hours before the session
– a mat or a chair (the practice can be done on either)
– an internet connection
– a microphone
– a webcam (recommended).

Easy access on Zoom.

Once you make the payment, please look for a follow email with a link to our virtual class.
If you are a frontline healthcare or a critical infrastructure worker,  Yoga for Renewal is offering this experience free of charge.

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Photos: © Fernando Decillis